Färgfabriken, Stockholm

This couple was not in for a traditional wedding instead they chose an industrial warehouse wedding. Färgfabriken is an old colour factory used as an exhibition space and the reception was held in one of the large spaces. Kari has worked on embassies throughout the world and currently works within the European Union and the guests arrived from various parts of the world.

The menu was completely vegetarian, with a fantastic mix of fresh veggies and fruits. The bride loves chocolate and the handmade chocolate was brought in from Brussels. Torkel been tour leader for bands like Deerhunter and has worked extra as DJ at the largest nightclubs in Stockholm, so the play list was absolutely amazing and a lot of the guests danced until sunrise.

Great people; great party.

Venue and reception: Färgfabriken
Chocolate: Vandenhende
Bride’s dress: Karen Millen
Flowers: Strauss blommor

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